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Add custom domains & subdomains to any app with one easy API

Route them to any server, domain, subdomain, or IP address. Includes free automatic SSL with monitoring.

Approximated contributes 10% of all revenue to carbon removal

Using Stripe Climate, 10% of every payment is contributed to fight climate change.

Route to anything

Route your domains and subdomains to any IP address, port, domain, or subdomain. It even supports wildcard subdomains for more flexibility.

Incredibly easy to setup

Setup takes less than 5 minutes. Just choose your edge server regions and then you can start routing domains on demand. Scale up or down any time.

Fits anywhere on your stack

Approximated can sit in front of or behind anything. Put it behind Cloudflare or in front of a load balancer and everything will still work as expected.

Easy to setup, easy to automate

1. Choose your regions

Approximated lets you choose the regions you'd like to place edge servers in. Requests to domains you've connected will route through the region nearest to the user, giving them the lowest latency possible. You can scale your regions up or down any time.

2. Create virtual hosts in Approximated

You can create a virtual host with a single API call, or through the web interface. Either way, they'll be created in a few seconds, SSL secured, and automatically monitored. Make as many as you need, as often as you want.

3. Point the domain(s)

Whether they're your domains or your end users, all you need is a DNS A record pointed at the address Approximated will provide you. That address will handle all of the geo-routing to ensure that requests take the shortest path possible to your endpoints!

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One API call and you'll instantly have a live, SSL secured address

No need to change name servers

Unlike most CDNs, you and your users don't need to change DNS name servers or use a subdomain to point at Approximated.Instead you'll get dedicated Anycast IP addresses that automatically route through the nearest region so that any domain can connect with a single DNS A record.

Automate all of your virtual hosts with an incredibly easy API

Easily connect custom domains to your app

Need to connect custom domains to your applications?That's just one API call. It even returns instructions customized for the domain that will walk your users through pointing their DNS.

How about subdomains?

With one simple API call, you can spin up a subdomain that's secured by SSL and routes to your endpoint. It'll be instantly available, and you can create as many as you'd like.

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Globally distributed infrastructure

In order to offer the lowest latency possible, Approximated will automatically route traffic through an edge server in the region nearest to the user.

That means connected domains get the fastest possible response times and page speed rankings so that both users and search engines are happy.

Need to make sure a user always connects through the same region? No problem, that's supported out of the box.

Manage virtual hosts in one place

If you have a lot of virtual hosts to manage, especially on multiple servers, Approximated will save you hours of configurations.

Instead of manually configuring your virtual hosts in many places for all of your different apps, let Approximated handle it all.

It generates and stores your virtual hosts on it's own servers. You'll have one place to easily create and manage all of your virtual hosts, with almost no configuration required.

Simple instant routing for containers

Managing containers and the ecosystem around it is already difficult enough, especially if you're spinning up new containers often.

With Approximated, you can make one API call and instantly route any domain or subdomain to any container with an exposed port.

Add one line to your deployment flow and let Approximate handle your virtual hosts for you.

It's your data, export any time

Approximated can export any or all of your virtual hosts at any point in ready-to-run Caddy V2 format.

Your data belongs to you, and that means being able to take it with you whenever you want.

Simple pricing for any scale

$15/month for each global region

For the lowest latency, Approximated places an edge server in as many geographic regions as you need, with 20 global regions available.

How does it scale?

Approximated can handle any scale, and increases your edge server resources as you grow to ensure optimal performance.

For every 5000 domains/subdomains$5/month per region is automatically added
200GB of monthly bandwidth included$0.05/Gigabyte for additional bandwidth

Global infrastructure made easy

Dedicated Anycast IP address
Low latency global edge servers
Managed and hosted for you
Easily scale regions any time
SSL certificates synced regionally

Fire & forget, worry free

Unlimited domains/subdomains
Proxy or redirect to any URL
Free SSL for every domain
Automatic SSL monitoring
Status monitoring for domains

Integration without frustration

Simple web interface
Easily integrated API
API key management
Export virtual host configs any time
Technical support from a developer

10% of every payment goes directly to carbon removal.

Using Stripe Climate, new technologies for carbon removal are funded by your payments.

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