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"Approximated has been a life saver, handling a crucial aspect of our business: subdomain and custom domain routing for our users. The API is a breeze. The support stellar. We were over the moon once we implemented Approximated in blogstatic."

Val Sopi

What we do

Approximated helps your business automate custom domains for your users at any scale with ease. We do that by providing a managed infrastructure with a simple API, taking the burden off of your team for building and maintaining hardware, networks, and software that would all otherwise grow in complexity as you scale.

  • Easily Integrated API. Our API is simple to use and therefore easy to integrate. Call it whenever you need to create, update, or delete a custom domain.
  • Automated SSL certificates. Approximated will manage these for you completely, removing an entire category of infrastructure for you to build and maintain.
  • DedicatedGlobal Distribution. We spin up dedicated infrastructure just for you, in regions all over the world, to give you the best performance possible.

We also offer enterprise and self hosted options for those that need them. Contact us for more info at sales@approximated.app.

Our story

Find out where we're going by seeing where we've been.

Tackling custom domains for everyone.

In 2020, Approximated began as the by-product of a project from our founder, Carter Bryden. The task was seemingly simple: let end-users connect their own domains to a web application. But it quickly became clear that reliably automating custom domains and SSL certificates at scale is much more complex than it would first appear, especially for globally distributed apps.

Speaking with other organisations, we found that many had staff or entire teams dedicated to building and maintaining custom domain features, but they remained unhappy with their solutions. They would say that the most stressful job in the company was maintaining that system, because problems were often obscure and could take whole swaths of customer-facing features offline.

Off the shelf options were extremely limited, usually sold only to the largest companies and packaged in with other services as an afterthought. They lacked the features that organisations actually needed while bundling in services that they did not.

This was a complex challenge worth solving, and so Approximated - a mashup of 'Automated Proxy' - was born.

Getting real and going global

In the years since, Approximated has remained relentlessly focused on providing the best custom domains solution available, while solidifying a world class expertise on the subject.

It now manages fleets of hundreds of machines networked and distributed across the globe in more than 20 regions. Dedicated server clusters are created on demand and managed for each customer, with full 24 hour support. Hundreds of thousands of custom domains are served every day for a wide variety of organisations based all over the planet.

Throughout that time, reliability has been the core tenet of Approximated. More effort has been spent on reliability, uptime, and automated self-healing than all other features combined. And it's paid off - Approximated's uptime has been competitive with the major players of the internet. That's no easy task, but something we consider table stakes.

Planning for the long run

Unlike many startups, we've been funding operations with our own revenue from the beginning. Simply put, every part of Approximated pays for itself.

In 2023 we accepted some modest seed funding from TinySeed. We didn't exchange board seats and company control for millions of dollars and the hope of being a silicon valley unicorn.

Instead, we exchanged a small percentage for a bit of rainy day cash and gained access to a phenomenal network of founders and experts, where profitability and sustainable growth are encouraged over the typical do-or-mostly-die mentality of hypergrowth companies.

What that means for you is that we'll be here years from now. We have no runway and no burn rate. No pressure to grow exponentially in order to 10-100x some VC investments, or make choices out of a need to own the market. Our services pay for themselves so that we can be here for the long haul, as predictable and reliable as ever.

We can't wait to see what you build with them.

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