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Approximated vs Cloudflare SSL for SAAS comparison


What sets apart

While Cloudflare is a behemoth in the industry, you may find that they're not a perfect fit for your company in this area. Here are a few advantages you'll find with Approximated.

Simple pricing for any scale
Approximated pricing is obvious, up front, and predictable. You don't need an enterprise plan to use Approximated to it's fullest extent, and you can see our pricing on our landing page with a simple caclulator to estimate your costs.
Scale without limits
Cloudflare limits your custom domains on all but the enterprise plan, and asks you to contact them to go over 5000 domains. Approximated doesn't require permission or have any domain limits.
Route custom domains anywhere
Approximated lets you route each custom domain anywhere you need. Cloudflare requires an enterprise plan to route to more than one target, which they call custom origins.
Connect apex domains
Cloudflare requires an enterprise plan plus an add-on to allow apex domains without www or another subdomain attached. Approximated provides you with your own IPv4 address and allows apex domains for everyone.
Dedicated proxy clusters
On Cloudflare everyone is sharing the same global network/system, which has some consequences. On Approximated your proxy clusters and IPv4 addresses are dedicated to you alone, preventing routing collisions and other issues.
Self hosting available
Cloudflare is built around working within their infrastructure and does not offer a self hosted version of SSL for SAAS. Approximated has an enterprise level, self-hosted version that can be deployed to your own servers.
Custom certificates always allowed
Approximated always lets you add custom certificates that you or your users already have for domains. Cloudflare requires upgrading to an enterprise plan to use custom certificates.
Reduce vendor lock-in
Approximated will work well with almost any tech stack, cloud provider, or DIY solution you combine it with. Cloudflare only works its best when you run everything through it.

Predictably priced at
20 cents per custom domain

With a minimum of $20/month for less than 100 domains

Automatic discounts as you grow

Get 5% off of your domain costs for every 1000 domains, up to 50%

400 GB of bandwidth included

400 GB of monthly bandwidth. Extra bandwidth billed at $0.05/GB.

Estimate your costs
See how your pricing and discounts will scale as you grow

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