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What sets apart

While Cloudflare is a behemoth in the industry, you may find that they're not a perfect fit for your company in this area. Here are a few advantages you'll find with Approximated.

Simple pricing for any scale
Approximated pricing is obvious, up front, and predictable. You don't need an enterprise plan to use Approximated to it's fullest extent, and you can see our pricing on our landing page with a simple caclulator to estimate your costs.
Scale without limits
Cloudflare limits your custom domains on all but the enterprise plan, and asks you to contact them to go over 5000 domains. Approximated doesn't require permission or have any domain limits.
Route custom domains anywhere
Approximated lets you route each custom domain anywhere you need. Cloudflare requires an enterprise plan to route to more than one target, which they call custom origins.
Connect apex domains
Cloudflare requires an enterprise plan plus an add-on to allow apex domains without www or another subdomain attached. Approximated provides you with your own IPv4 address and allows apex domains for everyone.
Dedicated proxy clusters
On Cloudflare everyone is sharing the same global network/system, which has some consequences. On Approximated your proxy clusters and IPv4 addresses are dedicated to you alone, preventing routing collisions and other issues.
Self hosting available
Cloudflare is built around working within their infrastructure and does not offer a self hosted version of SSL for SAAS. Approximated has an enterprise level, self-hosted version that can be deployed to your own servers.
Custom certificates always allowed
Approximated always lets you add custom certificates that you or your users already have for domains. Cloudflare requires upgrading to an enterprise plan to use custom certificates.
Reduce vendor lock-in
Approximated will work well with almost any tech stack, cloud provider, or DIY solution you combine it with. Cloudflare only works its best when you run everything through it.

Reliability at scale

Built from the ground up with a focus on reliability so that you can be worry free.

Custom Domains
of Monthly Requests
of Bandwidth Served
Avg. Uptime

Dedicated to custom domains and SSL at any scale

Instead of being distracted by a swath of other products and features, Approximated is focused on custom domains and SSL.

Easy to setup,
simple to automate

Approximated treats convenience and simplicity as a first class citizen, going the extra mile to make every step as easy as possible to integrate.

How it works

Approximated creates a dedicated cluster just for you, with edge servers in regions all over the world. These proxy traffic for custom domains to your app at any scale with incredibly low latency.

1. Choose your regions

Choose the regions you'd like from 20 global locations, and Approximated will manage them for you. They'll automatically route traffic through the region nearest each user for lightning fast response times.

2. Call the API, or use the dashboard

Connecting a custom domain takes one API call to Approximated. Or, use the dashboard to do the same thing any time. The dashboard will even show you what that would look like as an API call.

3. Point the domain(s)

All that's needed is one DNS A record pointed at your cluster's dedicated IP address. Approximated will automatically create and manage SSL certificates for every domain.

Managed & maintained for you

Convenience isn't enough when it comes to handling custom domains in production - everything needs to be rock solid and reliable.

Approximated has constant monitoring, globally distributed servers, and automatically self-healing clusters so that it's ultra reliable.

Sophisticated monitoring at every level

Approximated is always monitoring the SSL status, DNS resolution, proxy hit status, and more for every domain. No external monitoring or infrastucture required - Approximated includes this for free.

Self-healing clusters with intelligent routing

Minute-by-minute health checks for every region of every cluster allow Approximated to find and heal any potentials issues before you or your users run into them. Traffic will automatically be routed to the nearest working region during any repairs to avoid any downtime.

Approximated has been a life saver, handling a crucial aspect of our business: subdomain and custom domain routing for our users. The API is a breeze. The support stellar. We were over the moon once we implemented Approximated in blogstatic.

Val Sopi
Founder of blogstatic

Custom domains done for you, out of the box

Approximated has everything you need to get up and running with custom domains for your app today.

Hosted and managed for you

Approximated takes care of creating, hosting, and maintaining your cluster - no upkeep needed from you or your team.

Ultra reliable

Includes constant monitoring at every level and automatic self-healing clusters that reroute traffic when needed.

High performance, low latency

Cluster regions can scale to handle high traffic sites, and are distributed globally to ensure the fastest possible response times.

Unlimited custom domains

Built for scaling companies, there is no limit to how many custom domains or subdomains that you can run through your cluster.

DNS made easy

Just point A or CNAME records at your cluster and get up to date DNS checks for each domain any time.

Scale regions any time

You can scale your cluster to use as many or as few regions as you need at any time. All billed a pro-rated amount at the end of the month.
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Frequently asked questions

Does all custom domain traffic go through my cluster?
Yes, all traffic will be routed through your Approximated cluster, which will terminate (provide) the SSL certiicates.
When would I want multiple regions?
Having multiple regions is always a good idea for redundancy and scaling, but it's most valuable when your application is distributed in multiple locations.
Which regions should I choose?
You should choose regions nearest your application servers, or in regions with the most users if you use globally distributed hosting.
Is there a self-hosted option?
An enterprise self-hosted version is available. Please contact for more information.

Predictably priced at
$9/month per region
for each block of 5,000 domains

Annual pricing is available for $90/year per region for each block of 5,000 domains.

400 gigabytes of bandwidth are included, with each additional GB billed at $0.05/GB.

Estimate your costs

Everything you need

A complete solution

Save yourself months of work and complex ongoing maintenance. Let Approximated take care of everything so that you can have custom domains launched in minutes.

  • Dedicated proxy cluster(s)
  • Dedicated Anycast IP address per cluster
  • Low latency global edge servers
  • Infrastructure managed for you
  • Easily scale regions any time
  • SSL certs included for every domain
  • Sophisticated monitoring
  • Easily integrate with a simple API
  • Unlimited custom domains/subdomains
  • Developer friendly
Approximated contributes 10% of all revenue to carbon removal.
Using Stripe Climate, early purchases are made in new carbon removal technologies.

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